Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator

Mary Roberts


Mary Roberts

Choreographer/ Performer​​/Dance Educator
*Plus: Marketing and Costuming
I am a dancer for life, an advocate for American vernacular dance, a performer, a choreographer, an entertainer, and a believer in a dancer's ability to find success with physical and financial health. I performed for years and will always support the dance industry as it provides unique opportunities for so many passionate artists. 

I picked up marketing and costuming skills, which have only helped me, and others, along the way. Plus, I can use these skills to support my own dreams! 

About Me

I am a dance professional with 20 years performing professionally. As a dance educator, I continue the legacy of American vernacular dance, helping students find a sense of where they are in the American dance ecosystem. I bring high energy, professionalism, and an expertise in stage dynamics to every class and production I work. I am currently achieving my Masters of Fine Arts in Dance, with a focus on Choreography, at Florida State University.

When I was 12, dancing at Flex Dance Studios in Sarasota, FL, I told my parents I would dance for the rest of my life. That's been more than a little while ago, and I am happy to say I am still dancing!

I performed professionally in Atlanta, GA with Kingsized Entertainment and the Dames Aflame, in a dinner theater in the Appalachians, on a riverboat on the Tennessee River, and then took to the High Seas! I worked with Stiletto Entertainment and Poet Theatricals, and even performed in the inaugural cast of the Celebrity Eclipse. I felt truly grateful to open and close a series of phenomenal shows. I was recognized for my commitment with a standing ovation on my last night! I will always love the sea, and cherish my opportunity to perform across the world. 

Since my time at Oklahoma City University, under the guidance of amazing teachers like Jo Rowan and Lyn Cramer, I have been passionate about American dance, specifically jazz dance. Jazz dance, hiphop, and tap, were my main performance mediums as a working dancer for years. I want future dancers to know their legacy as American dancers and how this information can help them get, and keep, really great gigs.

In my classes, I apply dance sciences to condition dancers so once they get the job, they know how to maintain their physical health. Once they've got the job, and can maintain themselves physically, they also need to know the support network available to them so they can also stay financially fit. After my time spent interning with The Actors Fund, I know more about how to help future dancers be healthy dancers: physically, emotionally, and financially. 

I believe in a committed, fit, happy, and healthy artist, capable of creating any life they can dream. 

"I believe in a committed, fit, happy, and healthy artist, capable of creating any life they can dream. "
Choreographer  /  Performer  / Dance Educator 

Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator