Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator

Mary Roberts



Choreography came naturally to me and I have always found unique opportunities to stretch my skills as a creator. My favorite moments have been choreographing for the National Recording Arts and Science's Atlanta Heroes Awards and later, for the Black Radio Exclusive's Man of the Year Gala.

As part of the Dames Aflame, I choreographed many numbers, solos and group, to perform in private shows and large-scale events alongside Kingsized Entertainment.

In the studio, I have always loved combining my sense of entertainment to create fun pieces for kids, teens, and adults!

My favorite clips!

Choreography Reel

  1. "Too Darn Hot"
Thesis Process
"Cruise Ship Dance"
   As I continue my journey as a choreographer and dance educator, I entered Florida State University's Master of Fine Arts program for Choreography. I have taken on performance art, new processes, and an enjoyment of dissecting my own performance history.
  Here are a few great clips I've gathered during my incredible process developing my thesis work which dissects and digests my time as a female dancer onboard a cruise ship. 
   My process began at the Pop Culture Association Convention, as I used choreography as one of my research methods in analyzing my own dance history. This process continued through Choreographic Methods class, and has led to the creation of a character, aptly named, "Safety." I never considered myself a performance artist before beginning my graduate studies at Florida State University, but I definitely have found my new passion. 
   These videos show presentations and the use of improvisational scores to get at the heart of my work: the instability of an over-choreographed environment and the safety "issues" of performing at sea. 
Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator