Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator

Dance Educator

 How do you tell dancers about their history? You teach and you pass it along physically the way Americans have always done. Our dance forms come from a tough history, and I believe it is part of my job to keep telling the stories of my godmothers and godfathers of dance. 

I also tell my own story and pass along information about the dance sciences. I hope to help emerging professionals avoid some of the physical pitfalls which I found myself in more than once. There is so much great information out there now. It's part of job to make sure to connect the dots for young dancers. 

I can't wait to hear the stories of the dancers I am meeting now. Their stories are those of the future of dance, American dance. I hope the information I share sheds light on the best paths to follow and allows others to achieve fulfilling dance careers. 
Teaching Resume and Philosophy
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My philosophy as a teacher is built upon the idea that I am in service to my students. I offer relevant information about style, movement efficiency, and how to create a rewarding dance career. 

Whether students go on to a performance career, or stay life-long dance enthusiasts, I hope my classes encourage students to always find inspiration through dance. 

What I do.

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Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator