Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator

Mary Roberts


Dance Educator

How do you tell dancers about their history? You teach and you pass it along physically the way Americans have always done. I also tell my own story and pass along information about the dance sciences. I hope to help emerging professionals avoid some of the physical pitfalls which I found myself in more than once.  I can't wait to hear the future stories of the dancers I am meeting now. Their stories are those of the future of dance, American dance.

Please check out some of my favorite classroom conversations with my FSU Jazz Dance Class!

What I Do. 

  1. Dance Educator Highlights Reel - 2017
    Here are a number of highlights from this year. I love teaching jazz dance, in its many forms, as well as choreographing and rehearsing my own production show, to be debuted this fall. I hope you enjoy this insight in to my jazz dance class, choreography, and rehearsals.
  2. Classroom Discussions
    In this video, you can listen to the deeper discussion we went into about the differences between jazz dance and contemporary. I seek to highlight lineage of the 2 styles of dance and establish awareness about the effect of the commercialization of both forms. The class went on to work on a lyrical jazz piece using contemporary spontaneity and presence while understanding the underlying jazz structure.
  3. Jazz Dance Class
    This video is from my lyrical jazz class, provides a chance to view my structured jazz class. I use a traditional structure with a choreographed warm-up, and conditioning for dancers to align the body in its most efficient form. Across-the-floor then integrates elements of the final class combination.
  4. Career in the Arts Video Montage
    I was selected to represent a career in the performing arts at the FSU Career in the Arts Job Fair in 2016. This was an opportunity to showcase how much fun I had traveling and performing while dancing on cruise ships.
Student Testimonials

Part of my job as an educator is to connect with and challenge my students.
Knowing my students enjoy the journey makes what I do so worthwhile.

"I honestly think the course was amazing! It was completely because of Mary. She's upbeat, understanding, and so much fun to work for. It is like you want to perform well for her because she just makes you feel so good about yourself. I also love the fact that we covered everything, and I felt like I got the complete jazz experience!"

"Opened my eyes to jazz in a whole new light! I loved that we had the opportunity to learn about the history of jazz and learn so many different styles of it.  Plus, she brought in a lot of great people to speak and teach!"

"Mary was very informative and encouraging. She was also very kind and welcoming of students in the class."

"Her enthusiasm was contagious in every single class!!"

"I enjoyed the choreography and liked how we learned many different eras of jazz dance. I enjoyed our short discussions we would have before starting a new style just to help us better understand what we were doing."

"Mary's energy is incredible and pushes us to be better in every class." 

"Mary Roberts was a phenomenal instructor. She made this class enjoyable, gave everyone personal attention and corrections, and varied each class to stimulate different techniques, interests, and styles. The essays we had to do throughout the course were perfect for relating to what we did in class."
Teaching Resume and Philosophy
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My philosophy as a teacher is built upon the idea that I am in service to my students. I offer relevant information about style, movement efficiency, and how to create a rewarding dance career. 

Whether students go on to a performance career, or stay life-long dance enthusiasts, I hope my classes encourage students to always find inspiration through dance. 
Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator