Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator

Mary Roberts



To say I've enjoyed performing doesn't even come close. I love performing! I love getting to work alongside incredible people and even travel the world: performing, dancing, and living!

Some of my performance highlights include being a member of the inaugural cast of the Celebrity Eclipse, opening shows produced by Poet Theatricals and Marguerite Scott Entertainment. In Atlanta, GA, I performed in shows with Culture Shock Atlanta, Kingsized Entertainment, and even a few with Puddles the Clown. I also opened Vox Lumiere's condensed version of their "Phantom of the Opera" production with Celebrity Cruises.

Performance Videos

  1. Performance Reel from 2013
  2. Highlights from Shows on the Celebrity Silhouette
  3. "Feelin' Good"
  4. "Jailhouse Rock" with Kingsized Entertainment
Mary Roberts Choreographer/ Performer/ Dance Educator